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I got an email from our dear friend Stephane Obadia the other day. He told me about this guy from italy that calls himself after the sound of a steam train, ciuf ciuf, got it? Steph was very excited about his music and so are we.

Just check the first song "I Feel Like A Clean Blackboard": along with his mates Matteo Mohorovicich at sax & clarinet and Daniele Dalla Pellegrina at trumpet, Oliviero Farneti creates a surprisingly catchy and slightly surrealistic pop-song that knows about dance-music, lo-fi indierock and jazz (!). Bet you'll whistle this one when you leave the house. "We The Ants" sucks you in with his beautiful warm guitar-riffing. This song didn't leave my head for weeks! It ends with a little free-jazz woodwind-intermezzo. Stunning. "I Think I Saw A Dead Person Walking Yesterday" expands olivieros sound-cosmos back to the sixties- these sweet vocal-harmonies in the middle make you think of The Beach Boys immediately. Along with cheap synth-melodies, noisy wall-of-sound guitars and the trademark-woodwinds of Matteo and Daniele, by the way. "Demons", song seven, introduces the housy bassdrum and could have fit on the last Gorillaz-album without a problem. "The Unspeakable Chant Of A Collapsing Universe" afterwards exactly sounds like this: about nine minutes of psychedelic kraut-pop build on a small repetitive synth-motive. El Senor Ciuf Ciuf waves hello to the early Flaming Lips.

This description might sound a little weird, indeed. But: the album doesn't! Although there are a lot of genres in the mix, Oliviero's melodies, his voice and his sound of lo-fi homerecording hold it all together.

The beautiful artwork is an adaption of a comic short story by Joey Weiser from the US. The CDR-edition (limited to 50 hand-numbered copies) comes with four coloured cardboard-cards printed with the first world war love-story "Flight". Check his homepage and order all the other mini comics, they're worth it!


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