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07 | 06 | 2008
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hermelin LP


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As 12rec. will celebrate it's fourth birthday this year, approximately four generations of musicians released their works with us. Hermelin, this wonderful Rock band from Hanover, Germany, came across your way as a 2nd wave 12rec. act. Remember their Split LP with Cologne Noiserockers Junique Fois Pi? It's the kids, hell yeah. In 2008, Hermelin show up with their full-length debut album. We're happy to support the band and bring forth their new album for free download and CD purchase.

Hermelin didn't change their style too much. The music on the actually self-titled LP is a dense mixture of Post- and Indierock, instrumental end to end, with shining melodies and a good amount of fuzz. Appropriate in production, "Hermelin" enables you to enjoy the full range of the band's interplay, their dendritic guitar melodies over warm Postpunk bass-lines and straightforward drums.
In direct comparison to the second truebred Postrock-act at 12rec., Milhaven, Hermelin are less dreamy or ethereal. Hermelin rock harder. And their composition might need a second try to reveal all secrets. But if you check "Pliant Fur", "May 91313", the sonic re-make of "Nova Police" or the sluggish fuzz-monster "Mellow F.S.", you'll probably agree that Hermelin are worth every second of (repeated) listen.

The "Hermelin" LP is online for free download and available on CD. The band pressed 300 copies and crafted the sleeves on their own. Hurry to the shop and order your copy! Or check the Hermelin website for live dates and buy the album directly from the band.

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