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12rec.027 w/ rotesonne

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Does complex music necessarily have to sound complicated? Jasmin are back with four songs and a delightful video to find out about.

Like on Cecil Taylor's "Unit Structures" it is not about naming every note or every odd meter. It is more about the beauty that lies beyond. Taylor mixes modern classical music, Bebop and Free Jazz. Jasmin add portions of Rock and Pop. The three chaps from Munich present their second EP at 12rec. in another exclusive collaboration with Rote Sonne Records.

"Lernen Von Mädchen" starts with some programmed beats and a filtered vibraphone. Clean guitar- and bass-tones are added and sketch the typical harmony-patterns you know Jasmin for. Everything remains fragile until the drums come in. A repetitive guitar formulates the songs main motive, volume increases, and distortion and feedback gather like storm clouds at the horizon until the song erupts in a Monsoon-like shower. "Heute Im Stadion" is Jasmin's version of contemporary Hardrock. The title refers to 'stadium' and can be read as an ironical statement concerning huge Rockband-riffing. Read this one within the (soccer-) context of "Holger Fach" from the first EP! "Rote Sonne" spins forth the thread of high-energy riffing. But Jasmin take it very slow this time, the song has a nearly sluggish feel. As if they had recorded it in scorching heat. Does "Köln" ultimately really last for eight minutes? The EP closes with a bewitching Popsong that makes time fly by. Jasmin throw out their net of entwined jazzy harmonies and pull it back with rich prey. 12rec. loves you, guys.

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