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Through All These Years
Of Trying To Belong

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Emil Klotzsch has a couple of releases online, all of which are published by wonderful Netlabels including Autoplate, One and Zymogen. We are extremely happy to welcome Emil Klotzsch and Ruediger Krey with a new EP , exclusively released as MP3 download and DVD purchase.

"Through All These Years" was captured to battery-driven HD recorders deep in the woods of the Eifel region, a low mountain range South-west of Cologne. Home alone, Emil arranged subtle piano miniatures. Listening to these recordings via headphones, bassetthornist Ruediger Krey improvised over Emils' introspect piano dashes sitting somewhere out in the field with wind and birds and rustling leaves around him. All this can be heard on "Through All These Years", especially if you use your headphones for listen.
Emil Klotzsch enhanced the recordings by mysterious synth textures and reworked the piano and field recording stems. The outcome is stunning: Chambermusic, Jazz, Avant-Garde Pop. The later is true most notably for the final track "I See My Own". This track features the magic Werner Kitzmüller with a haunting vocal performance. All song titles are derived from the text, Kitzmüller recites with sepulchral voice.

For perfect listening pleasure, we decided to offer an additional FLAC download of the album. But if you really want to experience what this record is about, I recommend to purchase the DVD with "Through All These Years" in the sublime 5.1 surround mix! This way to the shop.
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