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my first trumpet
frerk (CDr-edition)

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We enjoy the fact that we have artists from all over the world in our back catalogue. Still it's a nice thing to be back with a couple of releases from people we personally know and met recently. Autumn 2007 starts with an album that draws a line from the shores of Hamburg to the Ruhr Area, ending up at the feet of the Alps in Munich. To celebrate our third year and the tenth release at Aerotone Netlabel, we prepared a very nice collaboration CDr for you: say hi to My First Trumpet!

The album "Frerk" my Kevin Hamann's Indiepop-outlet My First Trumpet isn't actually new. The LP was released at Aerotone a few weeks ago. Kevin is a professional musician that gained a lot of attention with his smart Beatpop-moniker Click Click Decker. Due to the fact that he's touring a lot and people seem to dig his eclectic My First Trumpet-album, we thought it might be a cool idea to re-release "Frerk" as a strictly limited CDr-edition for fans to lay their hands on. Here it is, manually numbered and packed with two delicious bonus tracks.

The album is absolutely astonishing. Kevin is a man with an undoubtedly feel for melodies and striking Pop sensibility. The LP is made of 14 scribbled songs, none of them processed more than necessary. Clever Indiepop-tracks like "Digital Contact", "Eat Some Beaf Chief", "Max B." and "Dipl. Link" work at first try and last for weeks. One-man band Hamann plays guitars, drums, synthesizers, glockenspiel and one hundred instruments more. Tracks "Happy Plingi" or "Muerz" show up with a poppy Postrock-approach, not unlike Mice Parade. Other tunes will make you think of the Postal Service or New York City's Ratatat. Hmmm...

The CDr is limited to 100 copies. It contains the brand new boni "Im Wald" and "Halbe Liter". Kevin will sell the CDs at his concerts, but the only chance to get them online is here. The delightful artwork was crafted by Aerotone top-designer meedchen. The sleeves look fantastic! Only to celebrate this album, Sven Swift recently thought of a new kind of package. Place your orders.

My First Trumpet
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