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... et retrouvé en fôret

Music: Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier | CAN
Art: Urban9 | CAN
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Do these guys need an introduction? Nicolas Bernier and Simon Trottier are two magnificent artists from Montreal, Canada. The former is rooted in academic electronic music and runs the ekumen platform. The later is a Folk-influenced guitarist, one half of Ferriswheel you know from our compilation. Bernier + Trottier released their first record with us back in 2007 which soon became a favourite to both fans and critics.

"... et retrouvé en fôret" is the direct successor to "objet abandonné en mer". The principal idea is the same: Nicolas and Simon get together, improvise, talk, record, refine, re-improvise, and so on. Next to Simon Trottier's imaginative and unworldly melodies, field-recordings play a huge role. Just like "objet", "fôret" is a highly emotional project, with strong connections to the Quebecois countryside. All is sewn to quicksilver beauty by Nicolas Bernier. His big talent is contextualisation - underneath wistful and strangely remote melodies, Nicolas mixes field-recordings, subtle synthesizers and certain percussion elements.

Bernier mirrors Trottier like a feedback. Eventually, and this is the biggest strength of "... et retrouvé en fôret", improvisations and drones become songs again. Indeed one of our best and most important releases.

Limited edition box set! Purchase both "objet abandonné en mer" and red hot "... et retrouvé en fôret" in a hand numbered, 50-copies-only edition including an extra folder and two exclusive bonus tracks by mighty Nicolas Bernier and Simon Trottier. BETTER BE FAST
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