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Memories of Björn Bolssen

Music: Tupolev | AT
Art: Tupolev & Sven Swift
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Nobody actually knows who Björn Bolssen was but one thing is for sure: his memories must have been excitatory. Because they inspired young Viennese band Tupolev to leave behind the old Postrock patterns of their critically acclaimed debut EP and set out for new, ambitious and enthralling musical directions.

Experimental music par excellence, “Memories of Björn Bolssen” is an album rich in atmosphere and detail. Its airy arrangements gives room to the very sound of instruments (mainly piano, cello, drums) and when it comes to the compositions, despite all the abstraction touching sentiment is formed from the subtle in-between.

Savoy Grand, Mogwai and alike have been an inspiration but Tupolev are beyond it by now. In fact, the band fuses elements of Jazz and Krautrock and various bits from 20th century classical music and thus let their talent and musical craftsmanship shine bright. Decent laptop glitches here and there and the Notwist-style chorus vocals in “Nothing’s Gonna Happen” perfect the overall impression of mature and skilful songwriting. Although the band is far below their 30s, “Memories of Björn Bolssen” is an album that essentially adds to the Vienna school of experimental music around Radian and Fennesz. --- Review by Chrisitan Steinbrink

This is our first 12" vinyl release! Holla kids. "Memories of Björn Bolssen" is released in cooperation with Valeot Records
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